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mailroom14gva_400.jpgWhat happens once an important package lands at your office? Does your organization have a system for showing internal chain of custody and proof of delivery? The carrier can show it was delivered to the office, but in many cases the carrier does not get the actual recipient’s signature. In some cases lost or mis-delivered packages can create legal ramifications. ValuTrack’s Package Tracking solution allows you to scan important packages and mail, route them to an internal recipient, then collect the actual signature of the true recipient. Each step in your receiving process is logged and time stamped.

Package Tracking Made Easy

Users can easily capture signatures upon receipt and delivery with our turnkey package tracking solution.  Generate unique tracking numbers for those packages that don’t have one, indicate problems when an issue arises, take pictures and e-mail it to a needed recipient.

Track packages for security and accountability measures, any Fed Ex, UPS, DHL or equivalently bar code labeled shippers packages can be easily tracked from the time it enters your facility until it has reached its final destination.  Mobile computers provide signature capture capabilities at point of contact, recording the proof-of-delivery required in many cases for tracking valuable shipments and documents to their intended recipient.

Need A Solution That Expands Beyond Your Four Walls?

Looking for a solution that tracks the movement of packages from a pickup request to final delivery?  ValuTrack offers a solution to address the needs of businesses picking up and delivering packages, as well as, third party couriers making deliveries on behalf of other companies.

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